Welcome to 4Gmx!

4Gmx stands for "4 Grable's Motocross". The Grable's consist of Robert, Carrie, Justin, and Jordan. 

For about 10 years as a family, we traveled all over the midwest racing indoor and outdoor motocross. Right away, our entire family fell in love with the sport, friendships, competition and the rest is pretty much history. 

Motocross is a huge part of why we are so close as a family and when we had the opportunity in 2013 to take over the indoor motocross series in Rapid City, we figured it would be a great way to bring the motocross community together. 

Our family hosts the rapid city indoor motocross series to give riders a place to have friendly competition, better themselves, and overall have fun with their friends and family. 

To put on these races it takes quite the crew. Our crew includes flaggers, scorekeepers, security, track maintenance, trophy givers, and SO much more. We truly could not do it without them so make sure to give them a big thank you when you see them around the track.