4Gmx Indoor Motocross Rule Book 2017-2018

Race Schedule and Information

Race Day Schedule

     Sign up:                         7-9:00 am

     Riders meeting:                9:15 am

     Practice:                           9:30 am

     Heats:                             11:30 am

     Main Event:                      6:30 pm

Every attempt will be made to follow the scheduled times, but changes may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances.  Riders will be notified of changes to the schedule as soon as possible.

Event Fees:

     Pit Pass/Gate Fees
        7am - 11am

           $10.00 Adults
           $5.00 Kids (8 & under)

        11am - Close
           $15.00 Adults
           $10.00 Kids (8 & under)

    General Admission
         $12.00 Adults
         $8.00 Kids (7yrs - 13yrs)
         FREE Kids (6yrs & under)


Note:  All riders and spectators must purchase a pit pass or general adm  
pass.  Tickets may be purchased at

the door.  Cash and checks accepted.

* Alcohol is NOT permitted in the pits or on the track! This will be strictly enforced. 

Reminder: If you finished in the top 3 of your class last season you should move yourself to the next higher class for this season!

     Entry Fees:

          Payback Classes - $45 for preregistration or $55 after preregistration deadline.

          Trophy Classes - $35 for preregistration or $45 after preregistration deadline.

          50 cc - $25 for preregistration or $35 after preregistration deadline.

No entry fees or gate fees will be refunded once practice starts if a rider decides not to participate!

Class Information


Rider Requirement

Bike Requirement

Pee Wee 4-6

4-6 years old
50cc or less

Pee Wee 7-8

7-8 years old

50cc or less

Pee Wee Open A

4-8 years old

50cc or less.  
Advanced riders

Pee Wee Open B

4-8 years old

50cc or less.
Beginner/intermediate riders

65   7-9

7-9 years old

60-65cc bike (no 50cc bikes)

65   10-12

10-12 years old

60-65cc bike (no 50cc bikes)

65 Open

7-12 years old

60-65cc bike (no 50cc bikes)

80 C

Beginner skill level.  Riders up to 16 years old.  No jumping of triples.

80-85cc or 150cc 4-stroke

80 B

Intermediate skill level.  Riders up to 16 years old.

80-85cc or 150cc 4-stroke

85 A

Advanced/competitive skill level. Riders up to 16 years old.

80-85cc or 150cc 4-stroke

250 C

Beginner skill level.  No jumping of

250cc 2- or 4-stroke

250 B

Intermediate skill level

250cc 2- or 4-stroke

250 A

Advanced/competitive skill level

250cc 2- or 4-stroke

450 C

Beginner skill level.  No jumping of triples

250cc 2-stroke or 450cc 4-stroke

450 B

Intermediate skill level

250cc 2-stroke or 450cc 4-stroke

450 A

Advanced/competitive skill level

250cc 2-stroke or 450cc 4-stroke

Open C

Beginner skill level.  No jumping of triples

125cc bike or larger

Open B

Intermediate skill level

125cc bike or larger

Open A

Advanced/competitive skill level

125cc bike or larger

Women’s Open

Women all skill levels

85cc or bigger

Vet Open

Riders 30 years old or older

125cc bike or larger


Riders up to 16 years old and under

80cc up to 105cc 2-stroke or 4-stroke 70cc-150cc (big or small wheel) Max front wheel 19 inch.  Min rear wheel 16 inch.

School Boy

Riders up to 16 years old

2-stroke 100cc up to 200cc or 4-stroke 150cc up to 250cc

There is a minimum requirement of 5 riders in a class for that class to race.  If there are fewer than 5 riders signed up by the time registration closes, those riders will be notified and may move to another class if qualified or registration fees will be refunded.

Riders must maintain the A, B, or C level of riding ability in all classes.  For example, if the rider rides 80B and decided to also ride a 250 class, that rider must sign up for 250B.  He/she will not be allowed to race 80B and 250C.

Trophies will be awarded for 1st-3rd place finishes in all classes except:

  • Vet Open, 250 A, 450 A and Open A classes are 100% payback for 1st-5th places
  • 50cc riders who place 1st-10th will be awarded trophies and all others will receive participant medallions
  • 65cc riders will be awarded trophies for 1st-5th places
  • Trophies will be available to be picked up after Intermission.

If the rider does not pick up his/her trophy or award after the event, it will not be mailed.

Rider/Participant Information

The rider’s age as of October 1, 2017 is the age the rider should use to determine age-based class qualification with the exception of the Vet Open class, in which the rider must be 30 years old or older on the date of the race.

All riders 12 years old and younger must present a copy of their birth certificate or proof of age prior to participating in their first race.  If riders have previously provided proof of age to 4Gmx, they do not need to provide it again.

All riders under the age of 18 and the minor rider’s parent or legal guardian must sign he Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement prior to participating in the Event.

All riders receiving a payback award must complete and sign a W-9 form before receiving payment.

Safety and Protective Gear

Full-faced helmets must be worn at all times whether warming up, practicing for competition or while engaged in competition.  Shatterproof goggles or eye protection is also required.  Sturdy, protective boots must be worn and must cover the ankle.  No rubber boots or tennis shoes will be allowed.  Motocross pants, gloves, full-length sleeved shirts and chest protector are strongly recommended.

Bike/Number Information

All bikes must have three number plates attached to the bike, one on the front and one on each side. Number plates should have numbers only, no letters.  Numbers must be black on white background, black on yellow, or white on black.  Numbers must be highly visible so they can be seen easily by the scorekeepers.  If the scorekeepers cannot see the number, the rider will not be scored.

In the event that two or more riders in the same class choose the same number, the first rider to preregister or register with that number shall be allowedto use it and subsequent riders must select an alternative number.  A rider will be notified of the requirement to change his/her number as soon as a duplicate number is identified, which may be up to the start of heat races.

Event Information

Gate position for the heat races will be determined by random order.  Gate position for the main event is determined by the finish order of heat races and LCQ’s.

Number of laps for practice, heat races, LCQ’s and main event will be determined by the promoter and rides will be notified of this and race order during the riders meeting.

A rider will be moved to another class if a track official or the promoter determines that the rider’s ability is not appropriate for the class in which he/she registered.

Riders are expected to be courteous of each other and of track personnel at all times.  All riders are responsible for their own conduct as well as all pit crew.  Emotions tend to run high in competitive events, and riders are reminded to behave with sportsmanlike conduct at all times.

Riders who do not follow track rules will be disqualified.  Reasons for disqualification may include but are not limited to:

  • Violent behavior toward or cursing at any official
  • Distraction or interruption of the scorekeepers at any time
  • Interference with any race official, medical or track personnel
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct or abuse of another rider/participant
  • Inobservance of official flags
  • Use of drugs or alcoholic beverages prior to or during an event by the competitor and/or pit crew on the premises
  • Riding under another rider’s name or number


Disagreements with finish placements must be brought to the attention of the promoter before trophies have been awarded.

Protests, whether of rider, machine or rule violations, must be clearly written and presented to the promoter accompanied by a fee of $50 within 30 minutes after completion of the last race of the evening.  IF the protest is found valid, the fee will be returned.  If the protest is not valid, the fee will be forfeited to the person or track being protested.  An official may post without any fee.

Official Flags   




Final lap




Downed rider – slow down and maintain position until past rider


Race stopped for emergency situation or official’s call


Disqualification of rider

For questions, please contact the event promoter's,

Robert Grable (605) 391-5089 or Justin Grable (605) 209-2129 or email 4Gmotocross@gmail.com

Updates to schedules, rules, etc. will be posted at www.4Gmotocross.com

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