Race Registration
Each rider needs to complete a registration form for each event date in which he/she participates.  The registration form and entry fees may be mailed to the address on the form By the pre-registration date.  Please limit Sponsor recognition to 5 sponsors. Riders are also welcome to sign up on race day; entry fees are $10 more per class after the preregistration deadline.​​

Parental Consent
All riders under the age of 18 must have a parental consent form signed by a parent or guardian and turned in before being allowed to race.  One form is required for each race.

Number Registration

Riders are required to register their number with the 4Gmx to be eligible for year-end awards.  The membership cost is $60. This fee will add the rider in points for all classes they ride during the season. Number registration is due by October 1, 2023. After October 1, 2023 the membership cost is $75

There will be no overlap of numbers: this means everyone needs a different number regardless of the class they are riding in.  There will be no letters, only one, two, and three-digit numbers.  Each number will be used only one time for the whole race series.  For example: if number 31 is registered to a 250C rider, this will be the only number 31 in the whole race series.  No one else can register that number.  If a rider doesn't race for two consecutive years they may forfeit their number if another racer wishes to have it.